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Leading Learning - Standards of Practice for School Libraries in Canada

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Transliteracy and the teacher-librarian

Alanna King


Alanna is a secondary teacher-librarian for UGDSB and has recently finished her M.Ed. with the #tldl program at the University of Alberta. She has just taken on the role of OSLA councillor for the Central West Region.

The SchoolLibrary as a Learning and Leading Hub

David Booth


David Booth is Professor Emeritus and Scholar in Residence in the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Department in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. For over 40 years, Professor Booth has been involved in education as a classroom teacher, consultant,professor, researcher, speaker and author. He has participated in many international conferences, speaking on all areas of drama and literacy learning.

Teacher-Librarians are Collaborative Inquiry Lead Teachers

Melissa Jensen


Melissa Jensen is the Instructional Resource Teacher- Teacher Librarian for SCDSB. She has been a TL since 2001 and has taught Librarinship courses for Nipissing AQ. She is currently an OSLA Council member and the co-chair of TALCO.

Education Librarians at Ontario's Faculties of Education....

Peggy Lunn


Peggy Lunn began her career as a secondary teacher and shifted into Librarianship with the growth of digital information. Her current role is with Queen's University Faculty of Education Library in Kingston, Ontario.

Knowledge Building in the Learning Commons

Deborah McCallum


Deborah McCallum is an Educator, Teacher-Librarian Specialist, and AQ instructor. She is studying her MA at OISE in Curriculum, Teaching & Learning with interests in innovation and investigation of new technologies and learning in rich contexts and distributed communities. She loves to write and blog on her site at http://bigideasineducation.ca. With Graduate Studies in Counselling Psychology, and over 14 years of Teaching and Librarianship experience, Deborah has developed in-depth expertise and knowledge into important issues surrounding Librarianship and Knowledge Building in the 21st Century.

Well-Being and Mental Health in the Library and Learning Commons

Lois Lorimer Nunn


Lois Lorimer Nunn is a teacher-librarian with the TDSB at R.H. King Academy in Scarborough. Lois is interested in how libraries can support and enhance student well-being and mental health literacy. She helps teachers pilot mental health, Mindfulness and Strength-Based Resilience curriculum, and works to create a safe and welcoming culture in the Learning Commons. Lois has presented on this topic at OLA Superconference and Treasure Mountain in 2014. Lois is also a published poet whose collection, Stripmall Subversive was published in 2012..

Myths, Realities and Opportunities: What the Research Says About Digital Literacy

Anita Brooks Kirkland


With 30 years of experience in public education, Anita is now an independent consultant, writing and presenting on topics relevant to the development of the school library learning commons. She is also a school librarianship instructor with OISE, University of Toronto. Anita is the 2014 president of the Ontario Library Association.

Climbing to Excellence - Defining Characteristics of a Successful Learning Commons

Carol Koechlin/ David Loertscher

Koechlin ‎koechlin@sympatico.ca