Why use Digital Portfolios?
"ePortfolios ... are personal online spaces for students to access services and store work. They will become ever more useful as learners grow up and start moving between different types of learning and different institutions"
Secretary of State for Education and Skills, UK, January 2006
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ABEL Tools for Digital Portfolios

Mahara Mahara Demo Site

Mahara example


UN: kitchenerd
PW: kitch50

Mahara Notes Mahara Overview.docx

Mahara Quick reference Guide_students.pdf

Mahara Quick reference Guide_staff_t.pdf

Mahara website: http://www.mahara.org/

Mahara demo page (create a test eportfolio): http://demo.mahara.org/

User guide – How to use Mahara: http://wiki.mahara.org/User_Guide

Features of Mahara: http://mahara.org/features


- this is Wordpress.com, ABEL members can request a wordpress blog through ABEL tools
Virtually Learning Example - Deb's professional portfolio using Wordpress

Additional Tools for Digital Portfolios

Google Sites Overview

Google Sites Notes
Google Sites Example

Kitchenerd's test google site


Edmodo Education Accounts

Personalized url edmodo

ePearl - another portfolio tool available through ABEL tools
About ePearl Project - Background Information
ePearl Video Intro
ePearl Virtual Tutorials
ePearl Teacher Resources

Morning Survey

Sir Ken Robinson RSA Animate Video